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Fostering Visionaries

We are passionate about fostering visionaries from all walks of life, with a particular focus on youth aged 18-24 facing homelessness or experiencing housing insecurity.  Through our transitional housing program, we offer a supportive environment where individuals can rebuild their lives, uncover their potential, and pursue rewarding career paths. Our dedication to supporting visionaries emerging from homelessness is rooted in our belief in the profound impact of empowerment, education, and opportunity.

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Our Vision

At Fostering Visionaries, we envision a future where every young adult emerges as a confident, self-sufficient, and empowered individual, equipped with the skills and support needed to navigate the journey to independent living successfully. Our vision is a society where the cycle of homelessness is broken, replaced by a landscape of opportunity, resilience, and inclusive communities.In this future, young adults leaving foster care find a welcoming network that goes beyond addressing immediate challenges. Our vision encompasses a comprehensive ecosystem of resources, including stable housing, tailored educational and vocational programs, mentorship opportunities, and mental health support. We see a world where individuals are not defined by their pasts but are instead inspired and guided to realize their untapped potential.

Our Mission

The mission of Fostering Visionaries is to provide young adults with a caring, supportive, positive, peaceful, and productive environment through transitional housing, supportive services, life skills development, and career exploration. Our goal is to prepare residents for rewarding career opportunities, emphasizing the pursuit of careers rather than just jobs. As they transition from our residential facilities, our aim is to not only ensure their survival but also to position them to thrive in their future endeavors.

Our Facility

In April 2023, Assata Dessaline founded Fostering Visionaries after acquiring a newly rehabilitated 4-unit building situated in the Southeast section of Washington, D.C, positioned on the eastern bank of the Potomac River. Conveniently located adjacent to I-295, offering easy accessibility from major highways such as I-95, I-395, and I-495. This property boasts 14 bedrooms and 6 bathrooms, all fully furnished with brand-new amenities. The building offers conveniences such as an on-site office, internet, telephone, cable services, inclusive utilities, TVs in every room, a meeting room with resident computer access, in-unit washer and dryers, and essential kitchen supplies. Comprehensive support and maintenance services are also provided. Notably, the building is conveniently situated with Bus: CH-US P6 W4 bus stop directly in front.

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